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- Frequently asked questions about past life regression

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Regressive hypnosis is an adventure.
It’s an action movie that takes you far, far away for a couple of hours; and you are the hero.
This is your adventure. And, like in any adventure, fable, or story, in order to reach your goal, you must brave all sorts of obstacles, learning to survive along the way by confronting your fears.
You must take courage and fight against the monsters, insects, snakes, elves, gnomes and ghosts.
But, you’ll also visit bewitching and marvelous places full of light, colors and aromas. You’ll run into lots of different characters, some that you already know and others you have yet to meet.
It is a journey through time, among dimensional portals and telepathic messages.
It’s about diving into the depths, into your emotions, in search of the origins of your own motives.
It is a journey into yourself.It makes no difference whether this is going on outside or inside your mind: it is your dream and you are there.


Calogero Grifasi is NOT a medical doctor and does NOT elaborate medical diagnoses
Hypnotic regression is NOT a medical therapy, rather an introspection technique
Hypnotic regression is NOT a substitute for medical treatment


For booking, please, send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You will be assigned a tutor who will assist you during the entire procedur
as well as give you the password to access the calendar for booking

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All members of the team Calogero Grifasi
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Hypnotic induction test

It is categorically forbidden to children or minors to attempt the hypnotic induction test, along with all adults with mental impairments due to age, prescription drugs, psychological disorders or due to the effect of mind altering drugs.
Before booking a session, it is necessary to go through an induction test, in order to ascertain the degree of hypnotic susceptibility.
In case the test has a negative outcome, you can select a relative, or an acquaintance, who is able to enter hypnosis for the sake of the person who is booking. Alternatively, one of our collaborators may lend herself as a telepath. The list of our collaborators, with the respective spoken languages, is available in the 'Booking' section.

Polish induction test      Romanian induction test


Instructions to book a session

The available days are highlighted in blue color. If there is no available time in the current month, please advance to the following months.
In order to realize a DIRECT session, it is mandatory to have a head-set with integrated USB microphone, and, if possible, to have your computer connected to the Internet through a cable (LAN) - that in order to ensure a better line stability.


By booking a session you contribute to information research and disclosure. Thank you



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